Centralway invests in the HR Matching AG

Dear friends and business partners,

The year of 2011 has started well for us. After having successfully launched our government-funded CTI research project on self-learning recommendation and matching algorithms in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, we would like to share two more exciting news with you:

Firstly, we have just created the HR Matching AG. Our new company will allow us to expand our activities in recruiting beyond what we are currently doing with Jobzippers. Besides our core-service Jobzippers we will be extending our services to IT development in the HR domain as well as other HR-related activities. Our web-based service Jobzippers will be fully integrated into the HR Matching AG but the look and feel will of course stay the same.

Secondly, it’s a great pleasure for me to announce that Martin Saidler, CEO and Founder of Centralway Holding AG, has invested in and will join the board of directors of the HR Matching AG. Centralway has invested in more than 100 internet companies since 1999 (i.e. Scout24, Brains to Ventures, preisinsel.ch, Sandbox Network, C-Crowd). In the CEE region Centralway ranks among the biggest and most influencial internet investors. His experience in the internet business and in particular the HR environment (JobScout24), his strong network as well as his dedication to the projects he is involved in give us confidence to have found the perfect match for our endeavors. He will join the company in mid-May 2011. The investment will be used to accelerate growth of Jobzippers and form a strong basis for the HR Matching AG.

We wish you a great weekend.

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